Homeschooling Process


Our initial consultation gives families an overview of what Partners With Parents can offer and provides useful general information for those considering educating their children at home. Once a family decides to pursue homeschooling with PwP, we'll arrange additional meetings to plan an appropriate curriculum, teachers and schedule. With our consultation, you'll make decisions about subjects, hours, workload, and number of tutors during these discussions. In general, we find that elementary-aged students benefit from one or two teachers working with them consistently, while older students benefit from multiple subject-based tutors.

PwP homeschool teachers are all highly experienced educators with a keen understanding of the individuality of each student. Our tutors are sensitive to the great variety of reasons families choose homeschooling and they are perceptive about the academic, emotional and scheduling needs of their students.

Once homeschooling is underway, ongoing communication between all parties—the teachers, our homeschooling consultant, the parents, and the student—ensure that everyone is aware of the student’s progress and that there is a unified vision for his or her academic endeavors. Some parents choose to remain very involved with the day to day education, sometimes directly participating in the instruction of their child. Others keep abreast of developments by email, written correspondence, phone or in-person, usually before or after sessions.

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