Executive Functioning/Organization


Executive Functioning is the host of mental processes that enable us to regulate and control our actions and behaviors. It is a fairly broad term involving many different skills: organization, planning, focus, problem-solving, memory/recall, abstract thinking, and on. What it means for school-aged children is the ability to set goals and form the habits that will promote success through high school and beyond.  

Many of our tutors specialize in this kind of work in addition to the specific academic subjects they teach. While each tutor has his/her own methodology and strengths, all have the goal of creating "structures" that will work for the individual child and family. In some cases, a complete overhaul of the student’s approach to school is needed. In others, it may be a matter of strengthening a specific skill or adjusting a system to accommodate an increased workload or a persnickety teacher.

Note: This is really about consistency and forming good habits.  Unless the plan is to tutor five days per week (which we do not recommend!) students and parents must work to reinforce the foundation of skills being learned on the days that the tutor is not there.


Some essential topics our tutors can cover are:

  • Organizing

  • Prioritizing

  • Goal-Setting

  • Scheduling and Time Management

  • Creating a Productive Work Environment

  • Paper Writing

  • Test Taking

  • Note Taking

  • Satisfying Teachers

  • Researching

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