Homeschool Curricula


Ultimately, the curriculum you choose to use is up to you. Our homeschool teachers have created inspiring and challenging curricula from scratch, they have worked with public, private and international schools to meet requirements, and they have adapted many “prepackaged” curricula from reputable educational institutions. In the case of short-term homeschooling, where a line of communication with the school that the student has left and/or will be attending is crucial, we bridge the gap in the curriculum and pave the way for a successful transition back to school. 

No matter what curriculum you choose to use or develop, our homeschooling consultant helps guide you through the process. Parents and students can design a truly unique academic experience that hones in on aptitudes and interests while still meeting NYS requirements and following rigorous academic standards appropriate for grade level. Likewise, our teachers each have their own curricular strengths and educational goals, so once we learn your hopes for the school year, we can match you with the perfect fit—a teacher who is aligned with your educational vision, fosters an engaging, creative learning environment and takes advantage of all that NYC has to offer.

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