Our Values



1) Individual Attention

There is no single teaching method that guarantees success for every student. The value of working individually is that it allows tutors to devote their full attention to each learner, tailoring a plan of action that takes into account criteria unique to each student.


2) Interactive Teaching

Our students learn mastery of material through dialogue with their tutors. Tutors teach with attention to meaning, understanding, and problem solving. Rigid models, rote memorization, and excessive anxiety over grades recede into the background.


3) The Support Community

We recognize that tutoring involves a network of relationships; parents, teachers, students, and tutors must communicate their goals and expectations throughout the tutoring process. The student's success depends on how well each party's needs are met.


4) Confidence

A positive self-image, grounded in reality, makes everything the student embarks upon easier. Our students work toward feeling confident in their ability to succeed independently. We encourage tutors, parents, and students to focus on what is working, not just on what needs improvement.


5) Enjoyment

Our students maintain interest and excitement because their input is valued and implemented whenever possible. Tutoring should result in a decrease in stress rather than feeling like another burden in an already crowded schedule.


6) Results

Our students realize their full potential because they confront how they interact with their school work and the obstacles impeding their achievement. As they discover that they have control over their academic lives, they become able to operate successfully without us.


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