Extracurriculars/Socialization for Homeschoolers


One of the first concerns that parents have when considering homeschooling is whether their children will get the “socialization” they need. Some of the most important skills learned in primary and secondary schools are how to interact with others and how to behave appropriately in different situations. Conventional schooling offers a lot of this, from the classroom to the schoolyard.  Homeschoolers, on the other hand, must intentionally seek out these opportunities to socialize and learn with peers.

This is where homeschooling in NYC as opposed to almost anywhere else, makes a huge difference. New York City offers literally thousands of opportunities for every age homeschooler to interact with peers. Afterschool programs, group lessons and events of every genre are available throughout the year.  For high school students, internships are also an excellent way to get exposure to a group culture.

When families decide to pursue homeschooling with PwP we make sure to build in these extracurricular and social activities.  Whatever your child's interests or aptitudes, we will find the appropriate outlets.  We have helped homeschool students find group programs in music, drama, languages, art, chess, yoga, and a variety of sports.

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