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Whether it's subject tutoring, test prep, or homeschooling, each service PwP offers begins with a conversation. We want to learn about as many variables as you're interested in sharing (as long as they're pertinent) so that we can propose a tutor or teacher that you immediately know is "the one" for your child and your family.

PwP believes that a committed, resourceful tutor can be a student’s strongest ally in achieving both academic and personal goals. We choose to work with tutors based on their experience, on their ability to engage their students and on the results they've produced. Each tutor brings a different set of skills, personality and interests to his or her teaching but all are committed building their students' confidence and ensuring retention of the material.

Once we pitch a potential tutor or tutors, the parent and student decide for themselves whether or not we've made a good match. Throughout the tutoring relationship, ongoing communication among all parties allows sessions to be customized to meet the student’s needs as they emerge and change. Our approach centers around understanding each family and making a great tutor match. Impeccable service and customization for each family sets us apart from larger, less personal tutoring companies. The fact that we can satisfy a vast array of needs “under one roof” with a diverse body of highly qualified, vetted tutors makes us a better option than individuals who have limited areas of expertise.

Since 1999, we have helped children achieve their best through in-home tutoring, homeschooling, and test prep in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens, as well as Long Island, Westchester, New Jersey, and Connecticut.  Using Skype and similar products, our tutors have worked with students across the country and internationally.  If you would like to discuss your family’s needs, please email us or call us at (212) 928-5016.

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