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When it comes time for college, since homeschooled students do not have a traditional transcript that can be used for comparison to their peers, it is critical for them to have documented their work and experiences during high school. While virtually all top tier schools recognize and appreciate the assets a homeschooled student brings to the student body, admissions departments need be able to see the quality of work that the homeschooler has produced. To that end, we encourage homeschools to take SAT Subject Tests, AP Exams, and in some cases, Regents exams.  We also recommend saving all notable projects/papers/exams starting in 9th grade, just in case they are useful in creating a complete picture when applying to college.

Navigating the process without a school's “college counselor” means that homeschoolers are more responsible for staying on top of things. Our experience transitioning students from homeschooling to the college of their choice makes us well equipped to help students prepare, apply for, and eventually succeed in college. We have relationships with professional college counselors who can guide families through the entire admissions process, from selecting the right schools to preparing for interviews.  Our expert tutors can help homeschooled students create a personal statement that is both well-crafted and gives the reader a true sense of the student.

As a full service tutoring and educational consulting company we are also able to provide the homeschooled student with the highest quality standardized test preparation for entrance to college (SAT, SAT Subject Tests, ACT & AP Exams) as well as entrance to middle and high school (ISEE, SSAT & SHSAT). 

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