Meeting Requirements


Once parents have made the decision to homeschool they must navigate their way through the bureaucracy associated with documenting non-traditional schooling. There are specific requirements and deadlines on the district and state level but these need not be daunting. The process is straightforward and one that our educators have been through many times. 

Below are some of the requirements for New York State that we guide you through:

Creation & Submission of the Letter of Intent
Creation & Submission of the Individualized Home Instruction Plan
Creation & Submission of the Quarterly Reports
Creation/Selection & Submission of Final Assessments

Naturally, there are curricular requirements as well.  Students must "attend" 180 days of school and complete 900 or 990 hours of instruction, depending on age/grade level equivalent. (These hours include independent learning). Elementary, middle and high school-aged each have their own set of compulsory subject matter as well.

While we specialize in New York State, we are also well equipped to guide students in New Jersey, Connecticut and around the country through the process. We have also helped foreign students fulfill their grade level requirements so that they may return to their native countries without falling behind. For more details about repatriation and specific requirements for your child, please feel free to contact our office.

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