Christy, 9th Grade Parent

“It is clear that our Partners With Parents tutor has had a positive, all-encompassing impact on our daughter this year. As far as we are concerned, she is worth her weight in gold.”


Student, 7th Grade

“I don’t know, I just like getting together with my tutor. I don’t notice our time is up until she tells me it is. I never thought I could learn anything so quickly. My tutor just makes things fun and interesting. I feel like she knows me really well.”

Diana, Trevor Day Parent

“In one year my daughter went from being one of the most reluctant students to being one of the most accomplished and enthusiastic students in her class.”

Christina, Hewitt Parent

"We have used PWP’s services for Academic Coaching, French tutoring, Bat Mitzvah preparation, and guitar lessons for our three children. I love that we can go to them for help with whatever we need."

Andrew, Nightingale-Bamford Parent

“I was bowled over at parent/teacher conferences. My child was doing quite poorly in Spanish and had much improved after 2 months with her Partners With Parents tutor. The teacher actually had a tear in her eye as she relayed to me the recent accomplishments of my daughter. Needless to say, we are thrilled.”

Lisa, Homeschooler & Cofounder of Soho Parenting

"My daughter was homeschooled by PwP for her last one and a half years of high school. The individualized curricula, the high quality tutors, and the independence empowered my daughter to be proud of stepping out of the main stream and doing what is best for her. Now happily in college, with a fabulous academic foundation and great study skills, she is thriving, confident and proud to have been a homeschooler!"

Stephanie, Riverdale Parent

“I was so pleased with the convenience of working with Partners With Parents. Within 24 hours of my first call, I had a great tutor lined up to work with my younger daughter. A couple of weeks later I called back to find someone to work with my 3rd grader and by the end of the afternoon, PWP had found a terrific Reading Specialist to work with her. I am impressed by the high quality of PWP tutors and the speed with which each request is handled.”

Mary, Homeschooling Parent

"Partners with Parents has been our support system for almost two years. Their tutors initially homeschooled our son and last year they provided continuity and extracurricular enrichment when he returned to school. His one-on-one rapport with his tutor has been invaluable. It has strengthened his confidence while allowing him to identify and focus on his areas of interest and talent. Partners with Parents has been wonderful to work with—always accommodating, always flexible, and always keeping our son’s needs as their primary concern."

Ken, Dalton Parent

"The staff of Partners With Parents consists of dedicated and highly skilled individuals. In addition to being professional and effective, the organization can be characterized as demonstrating a passion for excellence. Our daughter looks forward to her course of study. Her enthusiasm is the most convincing evidence that Partners With Parents is a worthwhile endeavor."

Student, 6th Grade

"I got way more organized this year. Thank you for being such a great homework helper and teacher. I learned a lot of stuff from you, especially how to study better and keep track of things. Thanks for making it fun. I will miss you over the summer and can’t wait to see you in the fall."

Carin, Homeschooling Parent

“Having recently moved to New York City in the middle of the year, our son needed help with reading and writing to prepare him for 3rd grade. PWP was quick to recommend an outstanding tutor and to provide other advice that helped us relax and get settled. They provide superior customer service, and it shows how much they care.”

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